{{2018}} Easter Egg Hunt Games | Easter Egg Hunt Games for Kids and Adults

The Easter Day 2018 is near, and we have to start gearing up for the celebration. There are many ways you can start the Easter Day celebrations 2018 with your friends and family members. The most common way of celebrating the Easter Day 2018 is to play the Easter Egg Hunt game. The Easter Egg Hunt game is one of the best way to enjoy the amazing festival of the Easter Day. 

There are many ways to play the Easter Egg Hunt games to celebrate the day. In this post, I will share some of the best variations of playing the Easter egg hunt game with your friends, family members and kids. So, without wasting anymore time, we are ready to share these best Easter egg hunt games 2018 for you.

EasterEgg Hunt Games
Happy Easter Egg Hunt Games

Easter Egg Hunt Games | Egg Hunt Games for Easter 2018

There are many Easter Egg Hunt games to play on this amazing occasion of the resurrection of the Jesus Christ. Here is the list of Easter Egg Hunt games variations, that you can try to play and enjoy on the Easter Day and Easter Sunday 2018.

  • Classic Easter Egg Hunt 

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt is the most common game to play on this occasion. The game is simple. You hide the colored Easter eggs anywhere around your home or in the outside and ask your friends, family members or even your kids to find them. The game is very funny and one of the most popular Easter egg hunt games played in the western countries. 

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt is awesome and simple game for your kids to play in afternoon. The different variation in this game can be more interesting than the classic one. You can color multiple eggs in different colors and assign each player a specific color. The first one to collect all the assigned colored eggs will win the game. 

  • Egg in Spoon Race

The Egg in Spoon is the Easter Day 2018 variation of popular “Lemon in a Spoon” game. The Egg in Spoon Race Easter Day game is interesting as we all played it in our childhood. This game is simple. You color the Eggs and ask your kids to hold the spoon in their mouth, put the Egg in the spoon and ask them to race. The catch here is not to drop the egg in the spoons to drop on the ground. The first one to finish the race without dropping the egg from the spoon will win the game. This is also one of the innovative Easter Egg Hunt games to play on the Easter Sunday 2018.

  • Egg Burst

The Egg Burst is the funniest Easter Day Games 2018. I’ve played this game last time and had a lot of fun playing with my friends. The game is to play with the Raw eggs. You can play it with the Plastic eggs or the Boiled eggs, but the real fun is to play it with the Raw Eggs. All you’ve to do is, take as many eggs you can and throw them on each other. You’ve to avoid getting hit by the eggs thrown by other people, but hit the eggs to others.

The game is very funny but also, very messy. You’ll need to wear some plastic covering on your body before playing this game to avoid stains on your clothes.

  • Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is one of the best games to test creativeness of your mind. What will happen when you combine the Treasure hunt with Easter Egg Hunt game? You’ll get the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt game. The game is pretty like the Treasure Hunt. All you’ve to do is to hide the treasure in different places and leave the Clues written on the colored Easter Eggs. The players will decode the clues written on the Easter Eggs and find the ultimate treasure.

Best Easter Egg Hunt Games | Easter Egg Hunt Games 2018

These are some of the best games of Easter Egg Hunt you can pay on this occasion. If you are interested in maximizing the fun of the Easter Sunday 2018 and make the day memorable, then you should not miss playing these games. Also, if you have some interesting Games for Easter Egg hunt, then you should share them with us in the comments below. 

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